Economic Theories – Oh My!

When I teach, I love to call this “Fun with Old White Guys!”

If you happen to have majored in Economics but long since forgot what you memorized for a test, this series of posts is for you. I feel confident that once you have read this you can avoid that Dear God I know I should know this but have no freaking clue moment when you are stuck on the elevator and your boss asks what you think about Classical Economics.

My goal is to give you a brief rundown of some major theories over the next couple of weeks and hopefully save your ass from public humiliation at the next cocktail party! My goal is to do this in about 5 minutes a shot but we will see. As an aside, I did once teach my dad the basics of calculus on a bar napkin, so surely this is possible!

If there are any theories you would like to know about, hook me up with a comment below. As an added bonus, I will know I am not insane and blogging to myself!


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